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スーパーユーロビート 107収録の2曲の歌詞

更新年月日2015/3/14 開設日2015/3/14


・このページはavex traxのスーパー・ユーロビート V107 に収録されている18曲の中から、管理人の好みの2曲の歌詞を記載したページです

HURRY MAN / LOLITA ハリー・マン/ロリータ

Fly to me
I'm ready.....I'm crazy! oh babe I love you
Touch my dream
Stay together...forever...'cause I need you

Hey!(I) wanna shake you up
'Cause you're lazy,man!
And time has come to hold you
Now take your motorbike like a hurricane...
Come on be mine!!

Hurry,man! don't let wait too long
(I) wanna be yours tonight 'cause I like you
Hurry up! tomorrow will be late
Step on the gas and come over me!
Hurry,man!don't let me wait too much
(I) wanna forget your fault, 'cause I want you
Ready,man, I wanna celebrate again,
Even tonight I want to belong to you

Let me feel
I live you....I want you....I'm burning inside
Let me say
I'm your sweetest mine tonight

★補足 ※管理人調べですので間違っているかもしれません
'cause:becauseの縮約形 アルクより

FLY WHEREVER YOU GO / VIRGINELLE フライ・ウェアエヴァー・ユー・ゴー/ヴァージネリー

Days are passing without you
Don't even the same
And now I wonder
Tell me what have you become?
What do you believe in,baby?

Maybe we can't help it darlin'
Or maybe there's a way
But anyway you
Keep on making good today
Keep on trying be yourself and

Smile on
Whatever you got to say
And don't ever say too much
Because in your eyes oh darling
Everything is clear, so

Fly wherever you go
We're together fly
Don't ever recall the bad times
Fly wherever you go
I'll be with you fly
Do remember you can forever
(Fly whereverへ)

So the stars will guide you home and
Whatever you believe
Be back again and
I'll be on your side, you know
Trying to be myself, oh baby
(Smile onへ)
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